Answer Socrates


We (Yury and Tobias, with some help from our friends - special thanks to Alexej, Andrew (the original PAA hacker), Anatoliy, and Nico) designed and built this to help writers and SEOs generate more thorough articles. The current version has been rewritten with Next.JS / T3 Stack by Javed.

Socrates combines the best parts of various Google suggest sites that, if you're in SEO, you are likely familiar with, plus even better questions from People Also Asked, along with trends data.

It was built on Svelte, Sapper and Tailwind 2.0. We were #4 on Producthunt on launch day 🙌.Answer Socrates - Discover content ideas using real Google data | Product Hunt

Hope you like it!

P.S., you can reach us on Twitter, @AnswerSocrates, with any feedback.